David Warncken's Family History Pages.

My name is David Warncken and I live in Sydney, Australia.

Warncken is an uncommon name in Sydney and, ever since I was a child, I have wondered about my origins. When we were young, my mother told my brother and me that our great-great-grandfather Warncken was Danish. This, for me, conjured up visions of Vikings and had a certain romanticism. Therefore in December 1999 and at the age of 55, I started my quest to discover more about my family.

Among the things that I have learnt is children of an English branch of the family were told they were of Swedish descent. However the listing for great-great-grandfather Christian Warncken in the 1861 U.K. census shows that he was born in Germany. It is now believed that the stories of our ancestry were first created by the family in London at the time of the Boer War (1899-1902) and were re-told in the first half of the 20th century to minimize possible problems "at home" during the times of war with Germany.

These pages contain the bones of my research to date. Some points of explanation: -

  • Assume all locations are in Australia unless otherwise stated.
  • I have attempted to exclude details of any folk who may still be living from these pages.
  • A huge E&OE (Errors & Ommissions Excepted) covers all information in these pages. In genealogy, treat any information with a healthy skepticism.

    Any feedback, particularly from possible relatives or other Warnckens, would be welcome.

       You can send e-mail to me at d.warncken-NoSpam-@gmail.com (Do NOT include "-NoSpam-" in the email address when sending email. It is only included here to slow down spammers.)

    Table of Contents

    My Extended Family. - I believe that everyone in these pages are part of my extended family. But I could be wrong. Last Updated 6th April, 2006.

    Rogues' Gallery. - Some family photos.

    Comings and Goings. - 'Migration details of some of my family whose "get up and go" took them somewhere.

    Other Interesting Links.

    Past and Present by Janet McNeilly. Janet and I are both descended from Thomas Wallis, a butcher, and Elizabeth Grieves who married in Darlington, Durham, England in 1813. Janet's research is largely based around Darlington and has taken her/us back as far as the mid 1600s. I am still catching up.

    Little Shelford Genealogical Resources compiled by Robyn Smith. It was Robyn's site that gave me my initial leads to my Careless family in Little Shelford. Thank you Robyn.

    The Cousins "Binge" Family Page This website contains lots of information concerning the Binge/Bynge/Byndge families who lived in the village of Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire, England. I am descended from Hester Bynge, daughter of Edward and Alice Bynge, who was baptized there in 1745.

    Web Sites for Genealogists by Cora Num. A great site that provides lots and lots of links to other genealogical sites in Australia and all over the world page.

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